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Physical wellness is at the core of everything – At ILUKA, we understand your problems and create a physical rehabilitation plan that fits your needs.

Hundreds of adults suffer from chronic pain as a result of an unfortunate accident or due to chronic illnesses which tend to compromise their day to day lives.

At ILUKA, we specialize in holistic treatment plans by understanding the root of your pain to help you recover and regain control of your life.

What makes us stand out?

International Standards: Holistic healing and care in a state-of-the-art facility with modern and technological solutions for the very first time in Karachi.

Qualified & Experienced Team : Experienced physicians, physical therapists, trained nurses, nutritionists, and psychologists work seamlessly together to deliver an individually tailored treatment plan.

Luxurious Experience: We understand how pivotal an uplifting ambience can be for your physical rehabilitation journey.

Paving Your Way to a Speedy and Effective Recovery

All specialty services under one roof

ILUKA is the right partner on your road to wellness

ILUKA is committed to your rehabilitation in all spheres of your health, by providing world-class services, offering innovative solutions, and specializing in medical services for all needs. In the privacy of our state-of-the-art facility, our healthcare professionals work in a synergy to tailor a treatment plan targeted to specific patient needs.

DolorClast® High Power Laser & Radial Shock Waves for the First Time in Karachi


DolorClast® is a highly powerful machine used to address acute pain in only 5 minutes and reduce inflammation.


Bittium Faros TM - A State-of-The-Art Cardiac Anomaly Detection Device

  • • Monitoring arrhythmias
  • • Detecting cardiac abnormalities
  • • Measuring ECGs
  • • 3-30 days ECG recordings

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