Iluka- Holistic Wellness Centre

Wonders of EMS

The fastest growing area of the fitness industry, Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) now comes to Karachi. Endorsed by international professional athletes, EMS has proven to be effective for overcoming pain caused by sports injuries, training injuries or replacement surgery.

What is EMS?

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a scientifically proven training method used in medical and rehabilitation fields globally. EMS training has seen significant growth in its current form as a toning, strengthening and fitness tool. Also effective for helping overcome injury, ILUKA is the first institute in Karachi that uses EMS particularly for back pain and knee, hip and shoulder injuries.

Utilized and endorsed by professional athletes as well as actors and models including Usain Bolt, Rafa Nadal and Ronaldo, EMS has become increasingly popular.

What Does EMS Do?

  • Builds strength in weak and injured muscles without putting any strain on your joints.
  • Targets the muscles in the injured area as well as build strength in your supporting muscles.
  • Helps with knee cartilage injuries, hip injuries, shoulder injuries including rotator cuff issues, glute strains and back problems, and much more.
  • Stimulates blood flow to help repair damaged muscles.
  • Results are fast – sessions are only 20 minutes a week and clients often feel the benefits from week one.